Topband: strange propagation

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Fri Jan 15 12:38:19 EST 2016

> RHR has stated that they require operators to operate "ethically" on their
> network. Exactly how to they define that term?  Is it considered ethical 
> for
> a ham in, say, Huntington Beach CA to call -- via a commercial remote in 
> New
> York -- a station at the United Nations on 6m when the only propagation at
> the time is ground wave?

If you don't like the rules of an award, I suggest you work to modify the 
award or create a new award.

This may come as a real shock, but you are going to have a very difficult 
time changing the world to fit your particular feeling or idea of how you 
think the world should be, without changing the actual rules.

It cannot matter less what you think other people should do. The ethics are 
limited to following the rules, and what a particular person decides to do 
beyond the rules is up to the individual (as long as he infringes on no one 
else's rights in the process). That might even be a good way to run a 

If a few people spent half the time they do whining and complaining working 
on a new award or changing the award, the problem could have been fixed 20 
years ago.

My belief is the real hobby for some is being unhappy with not being in 
charge of everyone else. They don't want the problem fixed, because then 
they would have nothing to get all stirred up about.

73 Tom 

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