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For what it's worth, I would be in favor of a little less tolerance of bad behavior. I'm talking about folks who repeatedly make personal attacks.  There is a point at which it should not be tolerated. If folks can't behave like "gentlemen" on the Gentlemen's Band Reflector" they should be banned.  



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Hate to say it but when he left the Amps group he never looked back...I expect the same here.

There is a dedicated group of haters here...small but they are here.  I would imagine their contributions to the group otherwise are insignificant (as are mine) and will now probably find little joy in being here without Tom to focus their hate upon.

And no I'm not a Tom groupie or cheerleader.  But he did bring great value with his accurate technical insight and interest in advancing the technical state of the art of 160/80m antennas and radio sport in general.

But he's not the only brain on this group...there are several others and the group will go on in one form or another until they get tired of the crap and move on as well. (Some no doubt may have already exited quietly)

I personally think discussion of RHR or any commercial look a like should be banned from this group....strictly!  It's a toxic subject best fought over someplace else.  As has already been demonstrated, it's not going to be solved here and only causes damage and pain.

I'm not driving the bus but if I were it would be straight to the penalty box with you if you brought it up or participated in it...second offense..ejection....but that's just my personal opinion...that and a buck (inflation) will get you a cheap cup of coffee or maybe a QSL direct.


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>> Hoping to see more posts from W8JI.  I'm not remotely qualified to
>> rank his substantial expertise and contributions to this group.
>> 73
>> Joe VO1NA
> As am I. Tom leaving will be part of the end of learning about Ham
> Radio as I've always known it to be. When the knowledge bases are
> available no more, what is left?
> 73,
> Gary
> KA1J
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