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Tue Jan 19 09:38:15 EST 2016

I'll say a little about this subject - and then hope we can just focus on
K5P and VP8STI posts.

1. I will continue to try and not approve each and every post.  It slows
things way down.

2. I ask everyone to be a bit more selective in what they post.  Compose
your message - does it really move the discussion forward - or is it just a
me too post.  Is it really relevant to Topband?

3. Remove anything that suggests someone is wrong.  Try to frame it in a
more positive way.  "You are wrong" doesn't work so well.  "Here is what I
think and my experience" works so much better.

4. There are always a small number of people who cause problems - both on
the air and here on the list.  Probably the people causing the issues on
the air are not reading this list.

5. If you ever aren't sure if a posting is appropriate - or if you see one
that you don't think is appropriate - then you can contact me.

6. W8JI doesn't make or break this reflector.  He is a great resource - and
I am sorry that things got under his skin.

7. There is nothing wrong with only looking at posts with a web browser or
getting the digest version.  If you feel you need to read each message
right when it comes out - and respond to them right away - you might
re-think your priorities.


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Guadalaraja, Mexico

On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 6:24 AM, Chortek, Robert L. <
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> For what it's worth, I would be in favor of a little less tolerance of bad
> behavior. I'm talking about folks who repeatedly make personal attacks.
> There is a point at which it should not be tolerated. If folks can't behave
> like "gentlemen" on the Gentlemen's Band Reflector" they should be banned.
> 73,
> Bob/AA6VB
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> Subject: Re: Topband: K5P good job !
> Hate to say it but when he left the Amps group he never looked back...I
> expect the same here.
> There is a dedicated group of haters here...small but they are here.  I
> would imagine their contributions to the group otherwise are insignificant
> (as are mine) and will now probably find little joy in being here without
> Tom to focus their hate upon.
> And no I'm not a Tom groupie or cheerleader.  But he did bring great value
> with his accurate technical insight and interest in advancing the technical
> state of the art of 160/80m antennas and radio sport in general.
> But he's not the only brain on this group...there are several others and
> the group will go on in one form or another until they get tired of the
> crap and move on as well. (Some no doubt may have already exited quietly)
> I personally think discussion of RHR or any commercial look a like should
> be banned from this group....strictly!  It's a toxic subject best fought
> over someplace else.  As has already been demonstrated, it's not going to
> be solved here and only causes damage and pain.
> I'm not driving the bus but if I were it would be straight to the penalty
> box with you if you brought it up or participated in it...second
> offense..ejection....but that's just my personal opinion...that and a buck
> (inflation) will get you a cheap cup of coffee or maybe a QSL direct.
> Cecil
> K5DL
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> On Jan 19, 2016, at 7:22 AM, Gary Smith <Gary at> wrote:
> >> Hoping to see more posts from W8JI.  I'm not remotely qualified to
> >> rank his substantial expertise and contributions to this group.
> >>
> >> 73
> >> Joe VO1NA
> >
> > As am I. Tom leaving will be part of the end of learning about Ham
> > Radio as I've always known it to be. When the knowledge bases are
> > available no more, what is left?
> >
> > 73,
> >
> > Gary
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