Topband: VP8STI from California

Robert Harmon k6uj at
Thu Jan 21 12:15:22 EST 2016

Voacap tells me that for us in Northern CA the best prop for 80/160 is 
plus or minus 0400Z.
So that is plus or minus 8PM pacific time I think.
I will be ready.  I have already entered my 80 meter contact in the log,
all I have to do is put in the time.......  hehe


On 1/21/16 7:41 AM, Chortek, Robert L. wrote:
> Nil here in San Jose, California (not to be confused with San Jose, Costa Rica, hi) on 160 and not quite readable on 80.  Good signal on 40, however!
> Maybe tonight.
> Bob/AA6VB
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