Topband: VP8STI from California

Jim jhsimon at
Thu Jan 21 14:09:49 EST 2016

Bob, I worked VP8STI on 80 the night before last at 0601z. Their signal up
here in NW Washington state was pee weak, but the op was excellent and was
hearing VERY well. 

On 160 last night, here there was not even a peep audible (at least on my
half-sloper) from them at any point. Maybe that will change when condx
improve in a day or two.

Jim  W1YY/7

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Voacap tells me that for us in Northern CA the best prop for 80/160 is plus
or minus 0400Z.
So that is plus or minus 8PM pacific time I think.
I will be ready.  I have already entered my 80 meter contact in the log, all
I have to do is put in the time.......  hehe


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