Topband: VP8STI from Oregon

Lee STRAHAN k7tjr at
Thu Jan 21 13:23:40 EST 2016

Tree and all the folks,
   It was 0430Z when I knew for sure I was hearing the VP8 station. The
first thing recognizable earlier from the SE direction was the 5NN timed
about 1 QSO apart. At about 0445 Z the signal was about 70 % copyable
between the frequency cops QRM. I heard the callsign and the operator
repeating signal reports to some. It was possibly good enough for a Q but I
kept looking for another couple of dB or so which I felt would make it 100%.
By 0500Z they were fading and not to be heard again except for an occasional
burst of a character or two. So, I will be in the fray listening again.
   I constantly checked all directions and the signal only came from the SE
   Good luck all and congrats to all who made it so far. What a hobby!
 Lee   K7TJR   Culver, OR

>Not much was heard at my QTH in Hillsboro.  K7TJR reported hearing them as
well as W7VS - both about 100 miles Southeast of me.  Not sure either one of
them heard them well enough to make a QSO.  W7EW reported hearing possibly a
short burst.

W4ZV reported on the topband chat page that the signal seemed to be coming
in from the North!  For those not familiar with the ON4KST chat page - this
Is a useful tool for collecting data on where the DX is being heard in real
time.  Check out

At any rate - it seemed that they were hearing well and quite a number of NA
stations made it into the log.  Congrats to those who made it - and good
luck to those still in the hunt.

Tree N6TR
Hillsboro, OR (via remote from XE1)

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