Topband: VP8STI 160/80M

Charles Otnott wd5bjt at
Thu Jan 21 13:02:25 EST 2016

Fellow Static Crash Lovers,

Heard whispers/tones on their 160 frequency.
Used 160 loaded 1/4 wave with extensive ground
system, 160 sloper up 90ft, DXE 4-Sq rx. All
antennas tried for rx.

Never heard the 80m signal.

The 40m oper was very careful with the calls
he was working... about 1 Q every minute or so. the solar flare warning...and the
low bands closed for us here in southern

No whining here, just telling it like it is.

I will keep listening for them.

73 & Best DX


See September 2006 CQ Magazine for a published work.

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