Topband: VP8STI 160 and 80

Dennis W0JX w0jx at
Thu Jan 21 14:11:41 EST 2016

I was lucky to work VP8STI on 160 CW and 80 SSB last night. A Few observations:

There definitely was multi-path propagation on 160 and I think the signal was arriving at a rather high angle. I can tell this by using my Hi-Z array which has good directivity to for low angle signals and poor directivity for higher angle signals.

Secondly, there was a lot of spotlight propagation earlier in the evening until after about 0332Z when it seemed to broaden out. If you really want this entity, you need to sit in front of your radio from sunset until their sunrise because you never know when they will jump up out of the noise.

Third, propagation was great on 80M. My SSB Q was at 0552z, after their sunrise.

Lastly, I second KV4FZ's comment. This team deserves your financial support. The 80M op told me he was freezing his a** off in the tent.

73, Dennis W0JX
Milan, Ohio

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