Topband: VP8STI and Propagation to LU2DKT Argentina

Eduardo Araujo er_araujo at
Fri Jan 22 13:06:02 EST 2016

I am rather confuse about how is working propagation to Argentina from VP8STI considering we are not far away and propagation to VP8ALJ from us just follows a more standard behavior. 
>From the first night, 40 mts propagation to them was as it has to be. On 80 mts it is a little strange because US stations start hearing them a little before than us even though we are also in darkness but even more strange is that it is being heard in US much much louder than here.
On 160 it is a completely different animal. 
My observations is that hams in the US (both being in darkness) start working them when there is no trace in none of the beverages. After a couple of hour with US pileup, Brazil start hearing / working them.
 A couple of hours later than mid Brazil, they starts building up here but with a rather week signal considering the distance and comparing propagation and signal strength to VP8ALJ. It looks like propagation start to the north of America, then middle and then south but signal seems to be travelling longer distance to arrive here or going thru higher attenuation paths
Our SS is similar to Florida although stations much to east start before
RX direction from them to us is definitely direct, no tilt to other direction.
At the beginning I though that US was working them thru the North but many comments indicates it is happening from the south (except a couple of opposite).
This behavior has been consistent from day 1 to us.
Can we think in skip phenomenon on 160? and if so, why first US then Brazil and then us without echo?
Another comment, it is possible that yesterday night they could have high QRN. '73 Eddie, LU2DKT

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