Topband: Fwd: Re: VP8STI last night

K1FZ-Bruce k1fz at
Fri Jan 22 16:08:39 EST 2016

Same conditions here in Maine.. Waited for a NA break that only came after condx went way down. 

Just my observations from what happened here last night in NY (doesn't help you west coast guys, I guess). 

VP8STI was solid copy from my sunset around 2230z until 0200z. Very little fading and Q5 copy. They were calling and working EU only during this period. 

Around 0200z, their signal got much weaker and more susceptible to QSB. They also started calling for anyone at that time, not just EU. I don't know if they switched direction on their TX array or not at that point, but things did get worse at that point; propagation I'm assuming. 

I use two 560' beverages to receive, one at 135 degrees and one at 180 degrees. No diversity rx, just switching back and forth. They were the same copy on both antennas, generally, since both are about the same amount "off" of STI's hearing from here (FN13, western NY). 

I didn't listen much after 0200z, so I don't know if their signal came back up at any point. 

They did have an excellent run of EU during that 2200-0200 time frame, though. 

73, Ken N2ZN 

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