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Sat Jan 30 20:45:47 EST 2016

Probably our club station in Gulfport... K5GDX.   We operate field day style... Generator power and all.   RX 4 Sq,  550 beverage to Europe added this year.  1/4 wave vertical under a balloon over our radial field. Lots of fun....but off the air tonight. Strong winds this afternoon took the balloon (trees) and we didn't have enough helium remaining in the bottle to fill our backup balloon. If so,  glad we could give you MS Jim. 

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On Sat,1/30/2016 9:40 AM, David Raymond wrote:
> Condx to JA from here in Iowa this morning were quite good 

Yes, it was a good night. Dave, W0FLS and Toni, N0NI, are two guys who 
pulled my QRP signal out. Thanks also to W5MX and someone signing a club 
call in Gulfport, MS who heard me and gave me KY and MS. Two states 
down, four to go. Still need VT, CT, WV, and SC. I parked on K8JQ hoping 
for a sunrise peak, but it didn't happen.

C6AGU (AA7JV) was loud here around his sunrise, but we didn't make it. 
HK1R was loud much of the evening, but no Q. K4UEE was also loud from 
GA, perhaps testing antennas for his next trip. He also pulled me out.

I may have goofed by taking a nap -- that peak when Gary worked CA 
probably happened then.

73, Jim K9YC
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