Topband: Am I the only one in step?

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Appreciate the reminder re Region 2, Mike.....but......will a "common plan" amongst all IARU regions, if not adhered to by participants (evidenced here in Region 2), be "worth the effort" to bring about???

Again, I am a newbie to 160 AND a QRP operator so DXCC entities, to me, mean anything west of the U.S., stopping just past HL/JA/VK lands.

P.S. I'm "new" gentle in your replies!!

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That is the band plan for the US in ITU Region2.. The problem is different ITU regions and countries have different 160 meter assignments.

I common worldwide allocation will mitigate lots of these issues.

We should urge our IARU representatives to work towards a common 1.8 to 2 Mhz 160 meter band at the next IARU conference.

Mike N2MS

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>From what little I've read - I am a "newbie" to 160 meter operating,- I gather a band plan carries little "weight," in the bigger schemes of things?

Below is the 160 band plan, courtesy of that august group, the ARRL:

160 Meters (1.8-2.0 MHz)
1.800 - 2.000 CW
1.800 - 1.810 Digital Modes
1.810 CW QRP
1.843-2.000 SSB, SSTV and other wideband modes
1.910 SSB QRP
1.995 - 2.000 Experimental
1.999 - 2.000 Beacons modes mean "what?" E.G., JT-9/65 found on 1.840 or so...
......SSB from 1.860 and up observed hourly, each day.....

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