Topband: Am I the only one in step?

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Hi Don, 

I was surprised to see some very active countries cannot operate 
above 1850 kHz at all; for example: 

Severe power restrictions above 1850 are very common as are 
restrictions on SSB operation below 1840. 


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You efforts are appreciated. I can understand the hurdles involved. 

Mike N2MS 

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Mike - I agree the objective, but the reality is a little harder! 

The 160 allocations across Europe, for example, vary widely. 1800-1810 is 
not generally part of the allocated spectrum. Various countries have various 
parts of the band with varying power privileges (you'll have seen 
IARU-R1-rev-7-Jan-2015.pdf/ I am sure ) 

IARU tried at WRC 2015 to get an agenda item for WRC 2019 on the global 
harmonisation of the 160m band. We failed - there was simply not enough 
support from national administrations, many of whom could not see the 
priority. So although IARU can continue to seek harmonisation, the reality 
is that this is not going to happen any time soon, sadly. 


Don, G3BJ / G5W (Presidnet IARU Region 1) 

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That is the band plan for the US in ITU Region2.. The problem is different 
ITU regions and countries have different 160 meter assignments. 

I common worldwide allocation will mitigate lots of these issues. 

We should urge our IARU representatives to work towards a common 1.8 to 2 
Mhz 160 meter band at the next IARU conference. 

Mike N2MS 

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>From what little I've read - I am a "newbie" to 160 meter operating,- I 
gather a band plan carries little "weight," in the bigger schemes of things? 

Below is the 160 band plan, courtesy of that august group, the ARRL: 

160 Meters (1.8-2.0 MHz) 
1.800 - 2.000 CW 
1.800 - 1.810 Digital Modes 
1.810 CW QRP 
1.843-2.000 SSB, SSTV and other wideband modes 
1.910 SSB QRP 
1.995 - 2.000 Experimental 
1.999 - 2.000 Beacons modes mean "what?" E.G., JT-9/65 found on 1.840 or so... 
......SSB from 1.860 and up observed hourly, each day..... 

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