Topband: Fw: Am I the only one in step?

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Tue Mar 1 14:29:32 EST 2016

Oh, boo hoo.  So reduce the CW band to 10 kHz.  


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> On Tue,3/1/2016 10:03 AM, Pete Bertini wrote:
>> It seems odd to me that 160 meters shouldn't be allowed an exclusive 
>> FCC CW assignment for at least 20 to 50 kHz on the bottom edge? 
> Have you slept through the many emails in this thread noting that many 
> hams in different parts of the world have very limited bandwidth on 
> 160M? It has been observed that EU hams have only 1810 to 1850 for ALL 
> forms of modulation on 160M.
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