Topband: Ground screen ????

Douglas Ruz (CO8DM) co8dm at
Tue Mar 1 22:09:49 EST 2016


Need some ideas from your side...

I am trying to find a good solution for my 160/80m antenna.

I am thinking about some kind of Inv L with an 80m trap as a radiator for both bands.

But, what about the counterpoise...Unfortunately in my small city lot I can´t install radials and I can´t get parts for the FCP yet...what about a Ground screen ???...I have a galvanized is about 50 ft long and 16 ft wide...galvanized sheets are 3 by 8 ft long and all are bolted together. The roof is about 15 ft high.

Can I use this roof as a ground screen for the 160/80m antenna ???

Thoughts ?,

73....Douglas, CO8DM
P.S:1- I finish my 50 ft tower installation.
       2- Thanks for all QSO´s on 160m before ARRL CW contest with me and with our contest               station T48K.

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