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Tue Mar 1 22:29:14 EST 2016


You certainly can use the galvanized roof as a ground screen.  It might be
a good idea to measure resistance between sheets to get an idea of how well
they're all tied together electrically.  If they're not, you might see some
odd shifts in VSWR when you send RF through it.  Another potential problem
is that RF may be coupled into the building wiring when you transmit.  This
is why you'll want to bring grounds up to the roof in as many places as you

But heck, try it!  Hams have made stranger things work as antennas.

Brad  KV5V

On Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 9:09 PM, Douglas Ruz (CO8DM) <co8dm at>

> Hi,
> Need some ideas from your side...
> I am trying to find a good solution for my 160/80m antenna.
> I am thinking about some kind of Inv L with an 80m trap as a radiator for
> both bands.
> But, what about the counterpoise...Unfortunately in my small city lot I
> can´t install radials and I can´t get parts for the FCP yet...what about a
> Ground screen ???...I have a galvanized is about 50 ft long and
> 16 ft wide...galvanized sheets are 3 by 8 ft long and all are bolted
> together. The roof is about 15 ft high.
> Can I use this roof as a ground screen for the 160/80m antenna ???
> Thoughts ?,
> 73....Douglas, CO8DM
> P.S:1- I finish my 50 ft tower installation.
>        2- Thanks for all QSO´s on 160m before ARRL CW contest with me and
> with our contest               station T48K.
> _________________
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