Topband: BCB High Pass Filter

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$28.00 for this one...

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It states on the Clifton Labs homepage:

"Clifton Laboratories is no longer in business.
No products are available for sale or repair."

However, the PDF manual including the schematic for the BCB high pass
filter is here:

It is a fairly simple filter to build and works very well.  I don't
remember the actual specs of the ones I built off-hand.  I use them in
my signal conditioners (white cores):

73 Eric NO3M

On 03/03/2016 11:46 AM, Roger White wrote:
> Everyone, thanks for the info. I really only need a Rx only filter. The DLWC BCB filter looks nice.
> BTW, does anyone know if Clifton Labs still in business? I thought I saw somewhere they no longer sell products. I remember years ago they had some high quality products.
> Roger White W5RDW
> Murphy, TX

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