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Hi Roger, 

The inexpensive 160 meter W3LPL receive only bandpass filter 

provides more then 20 dB rejection at 1700 kHz, more than 30 dB 
below 1600 kHz, more then 40 dB below 1500 kHz and more 
than 60 dB below 1400 kHz. Depending on the frequency of 
your nearby AM broadcast station, you may not need anything better. 

This filter serves my needs very well, but the nearest AM broadcast 
station is more then ten miles away. 


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Everyone, thanks for the info. I really only need a Rx only filter. The DLWC BCB filter looks nice. 

BTW, does anyone know if Clifton Labs still in business? I thought I saw somewhere they no longer sell products. I remember years ago they had some high quality products. 

Roger White W5RDW 
Murphy, TX 

> On Mar 3, 2016, at 9:59 AM, Roger White <rwhitetexas at> wrote: 
> Anyone have a BCB High Pass Filter that they would recommend? Seems like there were a number of sources for these a number of years ago, but Google only came up with a few now. 
> Roger White W5RDW 
> Murphy, TX 
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