Topband: Am I the only one in step?

Donald Chester k4kyv at
Sun Mar 6 03:22:30 EST 2016

So what I read into all this is:  that those shared and excluded frequencies are allocated to other occupants that now rarely ( if ever) use them, but that national administrations don't think the amateur radio issue is important enough to take on the task of co-ordinating with other countries in the region, to fully return them to amateurs?

Don, k4kyv

IARU tried at WRC 2015 to get an agenda item for WRC 2019 on the global
harmonisation of the 160m band. We failed - there was simply not enough
support from national administrations, many of whom could not see the
priority. So although IARU can continue to seek harmonisation, the reality
is that this is not going to happen any time soon, sadly. 

> The use of that spectrum by others has reduced very significantly. I cannot
say that there are no other users, but it's not like it used to be when the
current spectrum allocations were originally agreed.

> That is the reason that IARU raised the matter as a potential agenda item
for WRC 19.

> If you look at the detail of the allocations, some countries are observing
the power levels implicit in the ITU schedules, whilst others are not.

> There may, therefore, be some scope for national agreements to improve the
> 73 Don, G3BJ / G5W

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