Topband: Low band antenna project questions

Jim Brown jim at
Mon Mar 7 18:04:08 EST 2016

On Mon,3/7/2016 12:37 PM, NC3Z Gary wrote:
> My 160M dipole is actually a 160/80M fan and resonates well on both
> bands,

For several years after I moved to W6 ten years ago, I had a loaded 160 
dipole that was also resonant on 80M up at about 120 ft. Even at that 
height, its a low dipole on 160M, and 90% of the time, my 85 ft Tee 
vertical beat it, often by a lot.  When it had to come down for repair 
several years ago I removed the 160M loading coils and extension wires.

> I did not think I could do that with a T top. That would solve
> issues.
> Would a cage of vertical wires be better than if I could use 2.5 to 1.5"
> aluminum masting?

Anything that would increase the height of the vertical section would 
improve radiation efficiency a bit, but wide spaced wires would make the 
tuning broader.

> Luckily in our rural local club we have 2 hams that sell some neat
> products, one is the Air-boss launcher

A guy in the SF Bay area developed the compressed air tennis ball 
launcher that I've seen at least ten years ago. It's very slick, works 
quite well. K2RD brought his over to my QTH soon after I moved here, and 
with his first shot, cleared the tallest redwood on my property by at 
least 10 ft. That tree is about 200 ft tall.
> and the other is the Antenna Tensioner.

That looks very good for trees of moderate size, but I'd like something 
a bit more robust for the tall ones we have out here. :)

73, Jim K9YC

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