Topband: Untoward comments on 160

Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Mar 13 16:28:52 EDT 2016

I rarely get on SSB but there's a net of good folks on 1.850 that I 
do enjoy joining in with every so often. A couple days ago I was 
stunned to hear someone QRMing the frequency with childish comments. 
Again, I don't habit SSB much but I've never heard that kind of 
comments on 160 that I can remember. As we all know, 20M & 80 are 
rife with this kind of mentality.

One of the fellows in the net, with a voice reminiscent of a good 
teacher, instead of chiding the guy, suggested someone was out there 
and would he like to join in the discussion? He said this with 
dignity though I'm assuming nobody would expect someone who has been 
QRMing to give their call and join in at that point. It must have 
gotten through to the guy though, that he wasn't going to get back 
what he was giving and he must have QSYed to harangue another net as 
he didn't interrupt again while I was listening.

Amazes me; it takes years to accumulate enough skill and equipment to 
get on the air with a good signal, especially on 160 and then become 
a participant in the opposite mentality of what the sport is all 
about. I guess we all can put some kind of reason in our heads as to 
why those very few do this and probably each of us will guess 
somewhat correctly but I'm still dumbfounded when it happens; It 
takes such a low level of society to entertain doing this. I guess 
that is why in the society we all live in, law enforcement is needed.

My 2 centavos.



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