Topband: Stew,

william radice k4owr at
Mon Mar 14 08:43:01 EDT 2016

:::: Heard you loud and clear here in Tennessee but you were answering 
another station who refused to let me give you a quick call. I quickly 
called cq above and below the frequency but could not attract you 
attention....maybe next time! It was the first time I have ever hear VK 
on top band and it was great.

On 3/13/2016 10:22 PM, Steve Adler wrote:
Top Band was alive down here in VK!  Good to work a few of you at good 
signal strengths last night. (12:00Z).  I have noticed the band is open 
to NA from VK around this time.  Please keep an ear out for your 
antipodean Brethren!

73 Steve VK5 SFA
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