Topband: VK0EK Operation

Kenneth Grimm grimm at
Tue Mar 29 15:31:05 EDT 2016

While key clicks were noticeable and QRN/QSB were factors, the real problem
for me were the children who kept harassing VK0EKs frequency. Carriers,
dits and dahs, all assaulted my eardrums with my RF gain down and audio
gain up.  Cursing is not my usual thing, but last night I uttered some
oaths that I'm glad my xyl and children didn't hear.  Just as bad, and
actually sometimes even worse, were those "helpers" who insisted on calling
the children "lid", "idiot", "a**" and worse...especially when repeated
several times.  Don't you think that one "lid" or "a**" would be

Ken - K4XL

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