Topband: Help needed with RTR-1A

Mark Lunday mlunday at
Sun Sep 11 00:28:41 EDT 2016

am trying to set this up for a separate receive antenna.  I had it working
with my Flex 3000 before I sold that rig.  Now I am trying to use it with my

I actually have TWO identical units.  Both are exhibiting the same behavior:
without even connecting the RCA ground plug, I cannot get the units to
switch between receive antenna and transmit antenna using the toggle on the
front of the unit.  (I think that's how I accidentally ordered the second
unit 6 years ago, I thought the first one had an issue after moving my
shack, but somehow I hooked everything up and it worked fine).

I can receive RF from the transmit antenna jack through the RTR-1A to the
TS480.  This is the default behavior with power off.  With the power on, I
see the same behavior for both units, and regardless of the toggle setting
on the right hand side (RX ANT or MAIN ON).

Mark Lunday, WD4ELG

Greensboro, NC  FM06be

wd4elg at

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