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Thu Sep 22 12:54:21 EDT 2016

My starter antenna for topband is still the only transmit antenna I have  
for 160. About 100' sloper off the top of a 40' tower with the distant end 
about  8' off the ground supported from a tree.
Of course a tuner is used and don't know what the effective radiaited power 
 is, but I have managed to work 185 so far on 160. The listening side was  
enhanced several years ago with a K9AY loop which doesn't take too much room 
and  brings the weak signals out of the noise better than the sloper most 
of the  time.
Good luck in the pileups as the new season is opening!!!!
Dick K9RT
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This  is the time of year that many of us in the Northern Hemisphere have 
been  waiting for. 

DX is coming up, long and stronger. Many  'old timers'  have their antennas 
 "ready to roll".  

New comers to the band may want an inexpensive starter receive  antenna, If 
there is space
a beverage is a good forgiving antenna.  

For limited space:
Despite  some criticizing,  a loop antenna can result in many DX contacts.  
Even SWL's in the AM radio  BCB like them. 

Yes there are  always better antennas, but many of us started with 
in-expensive wire types.  

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