Topband: 160 meter starter antennas

Aravind Balasubramanian vu2abs at
Thu Sep 22 16:47:21 EDT 2016

i just planted my first topband antenna. a homebrew extended length
butternut 2 v with homebrew tbr160 coil on a 30 feet pushup mast to help me
squeeze a slooping radial in my 40 feet x 45 feet tiny terrace. i was able
start my 160m dxcc ac with a ua4 on lotw.  Want to add one more hf9v and
convert it into a 2 el phased array for 80m with a compromise spacing of 50
ft (max diagonal spacing available). rx is a challenge. max allowed power
of 400 w dc input to final in vu land is another challenge. i plan to build
a dual waller flag and place it
as far away from the diagonal line of the phased array as possible. what
kind if interaction/detuning/directivity hit should i expect. for 160m/cqww
cw contest weekends i can try installing the flag in my neighbours terrace

assuming i add another tbr160 to the 2nd hf9v can i expect any directivty
gained by the 80m phasing on 160m. i will keep the linear happy by using a
tuner. has anyone modelled something similar?

any tips/suggestions welcome.

73 de Aravind vu2abs

On 23 Sep 2016 01:19, <daraymond at> wrote:

> Success also depends a lot on your location.  Working 119 DXCC from a 70'
> inv vee from NY is a whole lot easier than doing it, for instance, out here
> in the Midwest (Iowa).    YMMV. . .73. . .Dave, W0FLS
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> I Have an inv V hanging off of my 70 foot tower.  Because I live on a
> suburb lot the legs of the antenna are bent to fit the lot (really ugly).
> I
> have worked DXCC (119) with that minimal antenna.  It can be done but you
> have to be patient.
> 73  Joe K2UF
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