Topband: Boring Report (from Hillsboro)

Tree tree at
Fri Sep 23 09:54:18 EDT 2016

I am happy to report that after several years of not hearing a peep from
Europe - G4ERZ was coming through last night.  This is a very positive sign
that conditions on 160 meters are starting to to recover from the sunspot
peak.  His signal appeared to have long QSB - but was "arm chair" copy on
his best peaks.

Antenna system has changed as I am now at a new QTH.  Using a Hi-Z array
with 4 verticals spaced 80 feet apart.  Transmit antenna is a loaded tower
with about 25 radials.  Will probably go add another dozen radials soon
just to make things as good as possible.  In December - I will hopefully be
able to put up my Eastern beverage (1200 feet) again like I did last year
when the farmers are done working the field.

This morning - several JAs have been heard along with a QSO with V633ZH.

73 Tree N6TR/7
Hillsboro, OR

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