Topband: No Schematic Policy

Tree tree at
Fri Sep 23 12:29:28 EDT 2016

This is a blatant attempt to keep this thread from getting too far out of
hand - and at the same time - interject my own personal view about the "no
schematic" policy.  :-)

I certainly can understand those who would be reluctant to purchase a piece
of equipment that did not include a schematic - so they could repair it
themselves - or even perhaps make modifications to better suit their own

However, I can also understand how a company - who might have paid a
consultant (someone like W8JI) something like $3,000 for that very same
schematic - might not be willing to put a copy of it in every unit they
sell.  DXE is running a business - trying to make a profit - and I see this
as a reasonable position to take in order to protect their investment.
Certainly - they recognize that some portion of the market will not accept
this decision - but they have decided to proceed in that direction.

You - as the consumer - can make the decision about which direction you
would like to go.  However, the likely reaction to poor sales for products
that are made for "topbanders" is that there will be fewer investments made
in future products that serve the same marketplace.

And now - for the attempt to put some ice on this thread - I think we have
hashed this out and both sides of the issue have had their say.  Time to
hopefully put this issue to bed and focus on the good conditions.  Thanks.

Tree N6TR

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