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Sat Sep 24 01:15:03 EDT 2016

Hi guys,

I hope you will forgive me for adding to a thread that the moderator has 
requested be shut down, but all the traffic on this happened around 2 AM 
while I was in bed.

My own view is that anyone intending to make a business in the field of 
amateur radio needs to understand the domain and the ethos. In our case 
part of our 'excuse' for having our licences is that we are carrying out 
self training in the field of communication. Refusing to supply a 
schematic for a piece of kit that is intended for ham radio use,  is 
contrary to ham spirit, in my opinion.

About a decade ago I designed my own 8-circle system. It was slightly 
different from the DXE version, in that only four of the elements were 
active at any one time. The four chosen were the ones giving a 
broadside-endfire configuration in the desired direction. I published my 
design in the national journal in NZ, and one of the guys in G-land with 
a website kindly put the article on his site for all to see (thanks 
John). In the event that anyone would have wanted to manufacture such a 
system for sale, I would have allowed this, but I would have insisted 
that they publish the schematic.

There are those who design and build their own kit, those for whom it is 
too complex and prefer to buy ready-made (this group is the main source 
of income for the equipment manufacturers), and those in the middle who 
will buy kit and modify it. Maybe someone in this last group will have a 
good idea for an improvement and advance the art by doing so. Power to 
their arm, and please give them the schematic to help them on their way.

I have an excellent amplifier from SPE in Italy, and I have had the same 
argument with SPE. Now, how many hams are going to copy the schematic 
and make their own SPE amp? Any other organisation wishing to copy the 
SPE design and reproduce it for profit, will reverse engineer it without 
the schematic being available. SPE needs to understand the domain in 
which they choose to engage in business and respect its ethos, and so 
does DXE.

73 from ZL

Greg ZL3IX.

On 2016-09-24 01:51 a.m., Rob Atkinson wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to set up a DX Engineering receiving antenna phasing box
> but there appears to be something wrong with it and I need to
> troubleshoot it.  The manual I have does not have a schematic for it.
> If anyone has one I'd appreciate getting a copy.  I'll cover postage
> etc.
> Thanks 73
> Rob
> K5UJ
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