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Greg Zenger n2gz at
Thu Aug 17 20:58:52 EDT 2017

The Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation group, HamSCI, has organized a
QSO party to encourage contacts during the eclipse. Many skimmers are being
reconfigured to have [RespotInterval]=0 during the event to maximize data
collected by the network for scientific evaluation. Therefore, its really
should not be necessary to QSY to get more out of the RBN.

I recommend you take a look at the information over at and adopt
an operating posture that is compatible with the QSO party and the HamSCI
Eclipse Project.  The rules are setup to encourage operation on all bands,
so expect some other activity on topband before, during, and after the
eclipse transit.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in the QSO party. If you wont be at
your radio for the event, you can still configure your radio as an RBN node
or make I/Q audio recordings and contribute to the effort as a receiving
station. Guides are available at to assist you with setting up
(or reconfiguring) an RBN node.

Greg, N2GZ

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 8:35 PM, aa0rs <aa0rs at> wrote:

> I plan to start sending a series of short cw "Test de AA0RS" transmissions
> around 1825kHz during the Solar event starting as the eclipse passes over
> Portland and continues across the US. I will record any data I can glean
> from the RBS network and provide it to anyone interested. I will beam NW
> and
> switch the antenna to SE when the eclipse passes over Wyoming. Hopefully
> there will be some reception reports that will show if any changes occur in
> the "D" layer during the short eclipse.
> I will change frequency by a few kHz to try to trigger the various RBN
> stations to provide reports more frequently...any suggestions to make this
> a
> more worthwhile exercise?
> Thank you.Dave
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