Topband: Ecipse FYI Report

Ham Hicks ham306 at
Mon Aug 21 15:47:54 EDT 2017

Using my inverted L, which has 35 radials, I decided to monitor WVOC, 560
AM, 5 KW, non-directional daytime, Columbia, SC, approximately 180
straight-line miles away, for any D-Layer change. The shadow passed directly
over them, and at this QTH we were about 70%.  I made occasional note of
audible signal strength an hour before, then 10 minutes during their event,
and for ~15 minutes afterwards. 
I did notice a perceptible  audio improvement during the 10 minute window
coinciding with their passing of the shadow, but not enough S- meter change
to confirm any reportable data. Their signal audio then went back to
pre-event levels. So, even though slight, the atmosphere apparently did

Ham Hicks, KB4BR
Wilmington, NC

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Even though Maine was not in the Eclipse path, noticed noise in the West
direction was below S-meter zero on 160 meter antennas. Normal lowest noise
is East out over the Atlantic ocean..

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