Topband: Ecipse

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at
Mon Aug 21 20:02:50 EDT 2017

I went out into the parking lot at work at 1:15 p.m. Central Time and
tried listening with my car radio to 650, 750 and 1510.  I am about 40
miles west of Chicago.  With the car omni directional antenna it was a
bust.  locals on 750 and QRM from 670.   I had my GE Superadio and
Grundig Yachtboy rx.  I can normally null 670 with the Superadio
loopstick but for some reason was unable to this time.  Must have been
my location.  I had better luck on 160 and 75 with the Yachtboy and
telescoping antenna.  On the low end of 160 the "Solar Eclipse QSO
Party" was going on and I copied K5NA in Texas and WD5R in Arkansas on
1822 and 1816 respectively.  That was around the time of maximum solar
coverage here, 1:20 p.m.  Heard what must have been that AM bulletin
station in Missouri on 1860 but the guy running it didn't ID much--He
should have been running an ID every 30 seconds or less.  For about 3
or 4 minutes he was solid copy then suddenly faded into the noise
before I could get a confirmed ID.  Tuned across 80 m.  On 75, Heard
some SSB and WB8UHZ working K8ATV on 3880 and WB8BFS on 3885.  No CW.
By then it was around 1:35 and I shut it all down and went back to
work.  I'd say that for summer conditions and the way the low bands
have been in the daytime, this was unusual daytime propagation and the
eclipse must have had something to do with it.  I may have heard WLAC
on 1510 from Nashville but didn't get an ID.  Heard from a fellow down near
Nashville who reported copying a number of Chicago clears down there plus
KMOX and WTAM if I remember right.


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