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Mike Furrey mikefurrey at
Sun Aug 27 13:53:29 EDT 2017

Hi Gary,
For many years I used an inverted L between two tall pine trees and one elevated radial that was L shaped to fit on the 90' x 60' lot I had in Spring, TX. The radial was about 15' up and it was fed through a choke balun. Worked about 160 countries with 600 watts output. I also had an AY loop with one leg of the loop about 6' from the radial. I had to detune the antenna on receive and had BIG resistors in the loop to keep them from smoking during transmit.
GL es 73, Mike WA5POK

    On Sunday, August 27, 2017 11:07 AM, gary mankoff <garyjm88 at> wrote:

 Hi everyone
I finally have some land to do a 160 meter antenna 
Lots of tall trees
May I have some input as to what people are using on 160 

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