Topband: Best 160 antenna

W9UCW at W9UCW at
Mon Aug 28 08:32:01 EDT 2017

Wow! What a question to ask on this  site. Gary, every member has an 
answer. Back as far as the 70's I asked that  question of about 80 160 DXers world 
wide. I had more than 60 of them answer  with diagrams, charts, results, 
pictures and descriptions. Eventually a summary  of the survey was published 
in QST as a part of an article about a top loaded  vertical using available 
parts. I think the results of the survey are  still applicable today. You can 
access it at   QST_Dec_1974_p15-19_28.pdf  in the ARRL QST archives. The 
name of the article is "The  Minooka Special." 
My answer to your question is that I want  to have an efficient vertical of 
one kind or another, an efficient, low noise  horizontal like a full wave 
loop, and a directional receiving  array.
Best DX, 73, Barry, W9UCW

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