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Mon Aug 28 09:03:23 EDT 2017

Really? Well established FACT? I’m quite confused then as reading John’s book it seems quite nebulous the impact of elevated radials. Doesn’t seem to be a ‘fact’ – more dependent on location and other variables. I’m not suggesting you’re wrong – just it seems the jury is quite out on this ‘fact’. W8JI measured a -4.3 db difference between 4 elevated and only 60 (not 120) on the ground .... others show differences of -3 – almost -6 db ... I’m not sure itsquite that clear to say “well established fact” ... Gary  K9RX The importance of a ferrite choke balun at the feedpoint cannot be
overemphasized. A good design for 160m is 5 or 6 turns of coax wound
through five stacked 2.4" 31-material ferrite toroids. Photos and details
on my web pages referenced earlier.

I had two elevated radials. It is a well-established fact that four 10' or
12' high 1/4 wave radials are as good as 120 on the ground.

73 Mike

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