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Hi Lee


I remember it very well, but my comparison with the 8 circle is compatible with the RDF, the WF has 11.5 db and the 8 circle can be close to 13 db RDF and it is a winner, that 1.5 db EDF does make a difference, based on  my measurements, the improvement on signal to noise ratio could be 3 to 6 db improvement. 


We slowly have more stations in land. Like K9CT( Illinois) and K9UWA (Indiana), then we have Pennsylvania K3LR and WE3C, Wal in West Virginia W8LRL and John W4UN in Georgia. The performance on 80m has being very solid on all of them, on 160m very similar as well. I agree with you, there are lots of things to learn about horizontal propagation on top band, every year is somehow different. Beverages have been around for almost a century but the WF for  only a decade and only one year and half on central states, nothing in West coast yet.

My experience following several WF installations, is that depends on the number of vertical structures on the site, some stations have difficult to try to detune all towers. One point is common, good ground system is a must and does help to keep common mode noise low.


The last six month has been quite difficult for me, but things are getting back to normal. Bod will get his antennas very soon.  Family, Work and Radio  but health was been some complex with my vertigo problem.   I am really way behind schedule here.








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   Good morning all,

      What I can tell you about the two antennas for 160 meter receiving is that as many have said before, you cannot have too many receiving antennas for 160 meters. Before Dale N4NN became ill and passed, Dale and I maintained near daily contact. Dale had the Hi-Z 8 element with very little local noise. We always quietly compared his station with what you were reporting JC. As near as I could tell in the Florida area the two antennas were very close to each other. Most often both antennas would hear the same signals. 

  There are a couple more contest stations that actually have both a horizontal Waller flag and a Hi-Z 4-8pro or 8A 8 circle. In one case the verticals are the preferred and in the other the word is you need both antennas. My opinion, I think it depends quite a bit on station location. That is, I think on stations near the ocean coasts the horizontal Waller flag hears very well. Again, my opinion but I don’t think it works as well in the mid lands or receiving over long stretches of land. Eventually we will have enough history to really know for sure if one or the other is better. Again, there is likely advantages to either one at different times or locations. Suffice to say there is lots left to be learned

    In that regard, some stations have reported the Hi-Z full sized 8 circle to not quite have enough sensitivity in really quiet background noise areas. I have developed a means to reduce the noise figure of that array very significantly and the first beta test users are reporting a definite improvement to the standard Hi-Z 200 foot 8 circle on 160 meters for those fortunate enough to have a really quiet location.

Lee   K7TJR


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Well I ordered one about half a year ago so if it ever comes I will be able to compare it directly with my HiZ 8 circle array and get a definitive answer. We have no local noise here only propagated tropical QRN.


73 Bob HS0ZIA

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