Topband: Eclipse

Thomas Giella thomasfgiella at
Wed Aug 30 20:11:29 EDT 2017

>From here in Lakeland, FL where the sun was covered approximately 80% max,
I did my solar eclipse observations on the AM broadcast band for the
obvious reason that the broadcast signals were continuous. I did it the old
fashioned way with direct real time observations using my 1/4 wave 160
meter transmit antenna and 4 different receivers fed in parallel.

I was able to watch 50 kw broadcast band signals rise and fall as the solar
eclipse tracked from NW to SE to my north.

I heard the following stations rise and fall in the following order. Each
station was audible for different periods of time.

1. KMOX 1120 St. Louis, MO, 2 minutes
2. WSM 650 Nashville, TN, 5 minutes
3. WSB 750 Atlanta, GA, 6 minutes
4. WBT 1110 Charlotte, NC 7 minutes

WSM 650 and WSB 750 were audible at the same time.

Thomas F. Giella, W4HM
Lakeland, FL

W4HM daily HF radio wave propagation forecast & solar, space & geomagnetic
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