Topband: suggestions on receive antenna to EU

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Sat Dec 16 09:30:48 EST 2017

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Subject: 	suggestions on receive antenna to EU
Date: 	Sat, 16 Dec 2017 13:48:51 +0000
From: 	Larry <lmwatbullrun at>
To: 	topband at

Gents and ladies:

I have a very good 700'+ beverage installed to the South, and have tried
various BOGs, but want something for listening to EU stations.

EU is not a great direction for me as my QTH is on the west slope of a
long mountain range running NNE to SSW; there is a bit of a saddle at
about 50 degrees true, but EU is uphill most of the way.  Ground varies
from very rocky to patches of conductive clays; normally it is diffcult
to impossible to get a 4' ground rod in.

Max distance at about 45 degrees is around 500'

So, with all that in mind, I seek your advice.

Would I be better off with some sort of large loop (K9AY etc.) or
perhaps a double delta, or would I be better off with a 450' beverage to
the EU?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions-

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