Topband: suggestions on receive antenna to EU

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Hi Larry, 

A 500 foot Beverage will provide excellent results. Ground rods are 
only one solution. Excellent alternatives are chicken wire laid on 
the ground or multiple radials laid on the ground or buried. 


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Gents and ladies: 

I have a very good 700'+ beverage installed to the South, and have tried 
various BOGs, but want something for listening to EU stations. 

EU is not a great direction for me as my QTH is on the west slope of a 
long mountain range running NNE to SSW; there is a bit of a saddle at 
about 50 degrees true, but EU is uphill most of the way. Ground varies 
from very rocky to patches of conductive clays; normally it is diffcult 
to impossible to get a 4' ground rod in. 

Max distance at about 45 degrees is around 500' 

So, with all that in mind, I seek your advice. 

Would I be better off with some sort of large loop (K9AY etc.) or 
perhaps a double delta, or would I be better off with a 450' beverage to 
the EU? 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions- 

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