Topband: FT8 Usage or CW QRM

DXer hfdxmonitor at
Thu Nov 30 09:01:42 EST 2017

I respect your right to enjoy not enjoying FT8, or any other mode for that
matter. I'll side with you every time this right is challenged.

Bottom line is, nature hates vacuum. If a section of a band is not used
most of the time, it may be 'adopted' by another SIG. There is strength in
numbers, and the numbers right now seem to be with FT8. Is it another fad?
Time will tell.

As for where the FT8 segment should be, that has changed a few times on
certain bands, but you must make your views known where the FT8 crowd is
likely to be discussing this. Leave the bad attitude behind, join the WSJT
Yahoogroups list, and be part of the solution. The FT8 'crowd' is not
likely to be following the Topband reflector.

K1JT did not dictate the frequencies, he may have made suggestions, like
many others, that was all. The mode is less than 6 months old. Things can,
and will continue to evolve/change. Let's make sure it always
evolves/changes for the better.

73 de Vince, VA3VF

On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 6:05 AM, Ed Sawyer <sawyered at> wrote:

> The more I hear and learn about FT8, the more amazingly bad this mode
> sounds.
> There is a simple way to solve the 1840 problem.  Just "update the app" to
> default to 1980 and the whole 2.5khz crowd will move up there.  Amazingly,
> most won't even know they moved, they will just wonder why their 160M
> antenna "isn't working the way it used to".  But then hit the tuner button
> and call it a day.

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