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Hans Hjelmström sm6cvx at
Wed Oct 25 10:18:44 EDT 2017

Correct Don/W2MPK
A separate  digital dxcc  for FT8/JT65  should make it.These contacts no good
for the other band/CW/SSB/Mixed awards. Just a separate one.
BUT the official at arrl refused to even think of it. Very unpleasant answer from him.

Kind regards

> 25 okt 2017 kl. 16:03 skrev Donald Moth via Topband <topband at>:
> There was no thrill in the first FT8 contact I made  like the one I received when I worked W1BB using a Central Electronics 20A and a homebrew amp using 4 6AG7 tubes in grounded grid and an inverted " L " only 40 feet up.
> Yes I'm an old geezer, be 90 in December and think there should be a separate digital DXCC. Only my openion.
> Don W2MPK for OVER 60 YEARS.
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