Topband: Capacity Hat Wire Size

Raymond Benny rayn6vr at
Tue Jan 2 13:41:15 EST 2018

Hello Bruce,

I have a 72 ft irrigation pipe vertical for 160m. It is much stronger that
your Spider pole. I use 16 ga wire for my 4 top hat wires. I'm not sure how
many top hat wires you have in mind, but with 4 wires, they also act as guy
wires at the top.

If you use 4 wires, the current would be divided equally, so I'm sure you
can get by with small gauge wire, perhaps 22 ga, although that seems small
to me. If the Spider pole is too flimsy for larger wire, you may have to
guy it more often.

The top hat wires need be as horizontal as possible, but on flat land, mine
are pulled away from the vertical as far possible which is about 100 ft in
each direction for me. You can only do what you can, but it will work!



PS, I see that the A70X operation is on 160m. For a rare IOTA, and to work
the world, that is the last band they should be on. But I guess the guys
are having fun...

On Tue, Jan 2, 2018 at 8:31 AM, Bruce Osterberg <n9bx73 at> wrote:

> Good Morning:\
> To improve my 160 vertical I want to change its configuration from an
> inverted L to a Capacity Hat Vertical.  Vertical will be 57 Feet high with
> Capacity Hat wires.  I am using an 18 Meter Spider pole.  I plan on running
> 1.5 KW to it.  Looking at spider pole website it says 18 Gage wire for the
> Vertical part and 26 Gage wire for the capacity Hat.  But it says nothing
> about the power handling capacity of these wires, (both vertical and
> horizontal).  I know the spider pole is a bit flimsy at the 55 foot level
> so a smaller wire is needed but I am sure someone on this reflector has the
> answers I need.
> Bruce N9BX 73
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