Topband: Supporting Ladder line

VK3HJ vk3hj_luke at
Sun Jan 7 08:59:27 EST 2018

I'm in the process of setting up three switched two-direction Beverages.

Since September, I have had a standard Beverage up with good results.

These are all 268 metres and use a pair of 2.5 mm diameter galvanised high 
tensile steel wires. This cost me about $170 for a 1500 metre coil.

Supports are 40 - 60 metres apart and use a pair of screw-in electric fence 
insulators, which let the wire slide. Wires are spaced about 40 mm, but so 
far I haven't bothered with intermediate spacers, as the wires seem to 
remain at that spacing even in the wind. I have mainly used treated pine 
poles to support the wires, but some places I have supported on trees. In 
the case of tree support, I have used a long coach screw with a pair of 
round porcelain electric fence insulators side-by-side. These give the 
required spacing, and the wire remains in place with a tie wire.

I tensioned the wires using a fencing strainer.

Wires are mostly at about 3 metres so the horses and I can walk under them, 
and are raised to 4-5 metres over laneways in case a fire truck needs to 
pass under.


Luke VK3HJ 

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