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Tue Jan 9 14:04:58 EST 2018

Hi All,

Thanks for the very useful info on chokes.
After reading all this , i decided to build a choke with the same 10mm 
RG393 teflon silver wired coax.
In Friedrichshafen i bought some beautiful spinner silvered 7/16 
connectors for 10mm cable  :-)
I used a longer piece and made 7 turns through 10 cores mix31 ferrite.
I'm waiting for a cabinet to build an L-network together with this choke.

Link with a picture of all stuff:

Any comments or tips are still welcome!

73 Gert

Op 23/12/2017 om 19:27 schreef ON4GPE:
> Hi All,
> I would like to build a good high power common mode choke for 160m.
> I have a piece of RG393/U ptfe 10mm coax. (1 meter)
> I was thinking of using this and make me a "W2DU style" choke.
> Searching for the ferrite cable cores, i found on the Mouser website 2 
> types which would fit:
> Fair-rite 31 material : 
> Laird  LF material : 
> Laird got a higher impedance at 1.8 Mhz.
> I think a lot of ham's on this topband reflector got more experience, 
> so what's your advice ?
> Thanks, Gert  ON4GPE
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