Topband: RBOG through radial field

Grant Saviers grants2 at
Tue Jan 9 19:33:29 EST 2018

Beverages don't work well over continuous wire fencing, salt water, or 
other high conductivity platforms.  If radial wires are perpendicular to 
the RBOG there is less affect.   Modeling I've done shows insulating 3 
strands of 1800' barb wire fencing  into 200' segments only under 600' 
of #16 at 10' works ok as a directional Beverage, at 1.8MHz average gain 
-19.6 dbi, forward gain at 30 deg elevation of -8.2 dbi or an RDF of 
11.2 as calculated with EZNEC Pro/4.

I proved continuous fencing under worked poorly (very low F/B) with two 
Beverages I built as bidirectional (2 feedlines) single RG6 before more 
knowledge stuck to me, but sold the ranch before insulating the 
fencing.  What W8JI has to say is worth reading IMO,

Grant KZ1W

On 1/9/2018 13:41 PM, KA2FIR wrote:
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> Can a RBOG run through a radial field without compromising performance?
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> Mike KA2FIR
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