Topband: Supporting Ladder line

Ryszard Tymkiewicz rtym at
Wed Jan 10 06:50:20 EST 2018

Hi Frank..I understand in the case of BOG we should use both 
transformers T1 and T3 with
4:1 impedance ratio... ?
  I wonder if it is possible to use RG174 which unfortunately has quite 
big attenuation even on 160m?

                               73 Rys

> A reversible Beverage or BOG can be constructed out of a single run
> of RG-6, there's no need to form an open wire line out of two runs
> of RG-6,
> See ON4UN's Low Band DXing, Volume 5, page 7-88 and fig. 7-118
> 73
> Frank

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