Topband: Bury beverage wire?

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Wed Jan 10 12:31:00 EST 2018

Martin, et. al.,

For temporary work from Curacao, we taped beverage wire to the asphalt
pavement for an E-W beverage that worked OK (we did not model it), and
allowed us to QSO Central American stations, like XE and TI that were not
heard on the NNW beverage for NA and Asia or the TX antenna.

If your pavement is concrete, can you locate the wire in a joint?

I am not sure about truly underground.  Maybe you can model it?

I have a friend who has coax underground and starts his beverage on the
far side of the road with a transformer and ground system.  That way there
is no buried portion of the RX antenna.

73 and GL,  George,  K8GG.

> Topbanders,
> if crossing a driveway above ground is not an option, is ist ok to bury
> the beverage wire for, say, 20 feet?
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> 73, Martin DM4iM
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