Topband: Supporting Ladder line

Mike Waters mikewate at
Wed Jan 10 17:01:36 EST 2018

Many Topbanders have used just ONE run of WD-1(?) military field telephone
wire with great results. *You just have to wind the transformers with the
correct impedance ratios*.

I made some for Milt, N5IA (SK) in 2012. Visit and click on 100_4742.JPG where you
can see the configurations and the transformer Z ratios.

I forget what exactly he told me, but it was something like those single
WD-1 Beverages were as good or better than the existing ones he had with
wide spacing (8" to 12" spacing?).

73, Mike

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 3:05 PM, Vic <g4byg at> wrote:

> I dont know the diameter of that WD1a wire but suspect it is quite small
> which would make home made 450 ohm line spacing very small indeed.

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