Topband: WKYW on 1810kc

Mike Waters mikewate at
Wed Jan 10 18:11:34 EST 2018

S9+10 here in SW MO, on my NE Beverage. Signal pulsing on and off, mostly.

What frequency are they supposed to be on? I want to see what they sound
like on their assigned carrier freq.

As I send this, it's not pulsing.

73, Mike

On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 4:59 PM, Bill Stewart <cwopr at> wrote:

> Is anyone copying a AMBC stn around 1810kc. They are 30db over S9 here.
> The sig was cutting
> in and out but for last few mins. has been on full time. Did hear them
> mention '1490' and Frankfort
> KY. Web info comes back to WKYW. Heard them yesterday as well.
> Tnx de Bill K4JYS
> Near Smithfield, NC

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