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Hans Hjelmström sm6cvx at
Fri Jan 12 10:41:23 EST 2018

Hallo Calle

They are all on computer to computer FT8 mode ..Signals not being heard by operator.
Ham radio is ,,,no more,,,, only computer doing the job,and all can
do something else,while computer get log filled.
Sorry  but same indications as on 50 mc last summer.
Have fun Calle and ,,,,hope ,,( but guess no way ) it will change back
to dx-ing by challenge of fixing great antennas and to HEAR the other station
you work
Kind Regards and Gott Nytt År

SM6CVX Hasse

> 12 jan 2018 kl. 16:32 skrev Carl Jonsson <carl.jonsson7 at>:
> If everyone is checking rbn and dx spots and not calling cq, there is no
> activity.
> 73 Carl SM6CPY
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